Who & what


This page is a work in progress, much like me.

Who I am

My name is Rash. I’m an African-American immigrant living in Switzerland. I have a BA in Film, an MA in Creative Media Practice and I’m a member of Mensa.

I like tossing that last tidbit in to justify my air sign-heavy chart (Aquarius Sun and Moon with Libra ascendant), and also to warn folks that I can get slightly “Mr. Spockish” sometimes.

And I read Tarot cards.

I also mention the above details to show that Tarot attracts people from across the spectrum. Even official 'nerds'. 

How I started reading Tarot

I discovered the art while I was a reporter for a local television station in the States. If memory serves me right, I was doing a story on alternative therapies with a subject who was a Reiki practitioner and Tarot reader. She wouldn’t allow me to interview her until she’d read my cards.

The reader didn’t attempt to predict the future, much to my chagrin. But what she did was something more valuable: she showed me how the Tarot could be a visual, psychic flowchart.

We discussed my personal life and career, with the images on each card blooming and coming to life as we talked. It was as if our thoughts, our conversation, our back and forth, were breathing life into Tarot’s characters.  They helped me think and shape my thoughts, allowing me to focus on whatever issues I had and use my power to address them. I soon purchased my first deck and began my relationship with Tarot. That was 20 years ago.

What I believe

I don't believe Tarot cards have magic powers. They can't predict your future per se. What they can do help you dig deep into your psyche, using images and archetypes - and your story - as prompts to help you discover why you think the way you think.

And do the things you do.

That's what "stay woke" means (more on the phrase here). Being aware of the whys, hows and what ifs. And knowing how to circumvent societal stereotypes to become the person you already are but just hadn't realized it yet.

This puts the power in our hands, allowing us to not only predict our own futures, but make them happen as well.


As I have a day job, every few months or so I’ll put out my shingle and do a certain number of mp3 readings for a set period of time. Want to know when? Sign up for my newsletter so you’ll be the first to know.

Questions? Just drop me a line.